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o Outline of the Project

On June 1, 1999, ex-NRIM (now NIMS) launched an R&D project, "High Temperature Materials 21 (HTM 21)" Project, (1999. 6--2008. 3).

In this Project we develop high temperature materials for 1700C ultra-efficient gas turbines with applications in power generation, small but efficient gas turbines for local power systems, next generation jet engines, high performance space rockets, and in other high temperature systems. These materials include Ni-base single crystal superalloys up to 5th generation alloys with new coating systems, as well as alloys with new concepts, e.g., platinum group metals (PGMs)-base refractory superalloys and Cr-base alloys. Materials design of empirical and theoretical approaches and microstructure analysis to support the alloy design and developments are also conducted with a major importance. We have world wide collaborations to enhance the high temperature materials researches mentioned above. Beside the high temperature alloys, recently, a new research on Al-alloy developments (2000 and 7000 series) for possible aerospace use has been started.

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