High Temperature Materials 21 Project(Phase 2)

NIMS/High Temperature Materials Center led by H.Harada is conducting “HTM21 Project” in which materials with higher temperature capabilities are being developed to improve the thermal efficiency of power generation systems and advanced aeroengines.
In Phase 1 (F.Y.1999-2005) , single crystal (SC) superalloys with temperature capabilities of 1100°C, Si3N4 of 1500°C, and Pt Group Metals-base refractory superalloys of 1750°C have been developed. Turbine tests in a 1300°C land base gas turbine and a 1650°C aeroengine (core -engine) on the ground has been conducted with SC superalloys. (Temperature capability =temperature for 1000h creep rupture life at 137MPa)

Phase 2

Materials Developments
  1. Ni-base single crystal superalloys with temperature capabilities as high as 1150 °C (1060 °C at present) and coatings.
  2. Next generation Ni-Co base turbine disc alloys of temperature capabilities as high as 750°C (700°C at present).
  3. Refractory superalloys with temperature capabilities beyond 1200°C up to 1800 °C.
  4. Materials design and analysis techniques.
  5. Virtual gas turbine/aeroengine for materials evaluation
Applications for CO2 emission mitigation
  1. 1700°C Gas turbines for combined cycle power plants.
    (One 1700°C conbined cycle plant can reduce CO2 by 0.4% of total emission in Japan when substituted for coal firing thermal plant of a same capacity:e.g.,1250MW)
  2. Small but efficient gas turbines for cogenerations.
  3. Small civil engines for regional jets, eco-engine.
  4. Overseas civil aeroengine.

High Performance
Turbine Components

(1)1700 °C Gas Turbine for
Combined Cycle
(METI/Mitsubishi Heavy Industries)
(2)Small Efficient Gas
Turbines for Cogeneration
(Kawasaki Heavy Industries)

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